Sunday, March 12, 2017

Blend of country and Spanish with Danny Shain’s original music

If you thought that country and Latino can’t mix together, thing again! Danny Shain is a US born singer/songwriter from Oregon who currently lives between the States and the Peruvian Amazon. Danny is white American but he loves the Latino heritage and music and spreads the love through his country music in Spanish!  “As far as I know there are no other non-Latino, country boys doing what I am doing,” said Danny.

Danny came in touch with the Latino world through childhood friendships and his career, which has given him a much better understanding of the Latino culture and lifestyle. It is because of his long time history and appreciation of life ¨south of the border¨ that he decided to write country music with a Latin touch. ¨I dream to play a part in improving the mutual understanding and appreciation between Spanish speakers and non-Spanish speakers through our unique musical and lyrical style that blends both cultural flavors, highlighting the best of all of the Americas,” said Danny.

In his music he uses a poetic blend of English and Spanish in order to allow Spanish speakers to connect deeper with the meaning of his songs and the country musical expressions. Since very young Danny loved music and at the age of 13 he started his first band. Over the past 30 years he has played with various groups developing his skills as a singer/songwriter, guitar and bass player in the California, Oregon, Central and South America.

Danny was named Nashville Universe Nominee Best Singer of the Year in 2014 and Best Composer of the Year 2015, with his music playing at over 40 radio stations in six countries. He is making an impact worldwide with his unique style of country music in English and Spanish. Three of his songs continue to be counted among various Indie charts and his new album title song, “Two Good Friends” spent a record 52 consecutive weeks on the Top 40 Chart of VRadio Nashville.

You can get in touch with Danny and hear his music through social media:
You Tube: ¨Danny Shain¨ channel
Twitter: DannyShain1

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